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RevResponse.com to Increase Online Publisher Base, Makes Available 5,000 Invites

LOS GATOS, CA (February 20, 2008) – NetLine Corporation's RevResponse.com publisher program which has been in Beta announced its expansion to "Invite Mode", to allow for 5,000 new online publishers to experience the benefits of the program.

"Our beta publishers have seen incredible profit using RevResponse.com, so this was the natural next step," said David Fortino, NetLine Corporation's VP of Audience Development. "We're really excited about the early feedback regarding the monetary value RevResponse is delivering to online publishers and we're looking forward to inviting more publishers to experience the benefits."

RevResponse.com provides B2B online publishers a new way to generate ad revenue while providing users with free highly qualified contextual content. Currently consisting of a distribution network of over 4,000 sites across more than 33 industry verticals, RevResponse.com offers audiences valuable content such as white papers, magazines, software trials, and podcasts as opposed to the advertiser-centric questionable ads found with Google AdSense and similar advertising revenue generation programs.

Existing publishers have already seen significant earnings growth from using RevResponse.com, which they attribute to its targeted and relevant catalog of valuable free business resources in addition to multiple points for revenue generation which include contextual widgets, branded content catalogs, newsletter templates and XML feed options. While most ad networks present advertisements to users, RevResponse.com provides publishers a means to generate revenue by presenting their audience targeted content that is free.

Since joining RevResponse, one partner, Ion Channel Media Group, has increased their earnings by 212%. Ion Channel Media Group owns and operates 44 portals catering to scientists looking for highly-rated literature in their specific field of study.

"RevResponse has helped us diversify our revenue stream," said J. Christian Hesketh, CEO of Ion Channel Media Group Ltd. "We have experienced high payouts for each successful lead and our visitors appreciate the opportunity to receive free, high quality publications tailored to their interests."
About RevResponse.com
RevResponse.com is owned and operated by NetLine Corporation, a leading B2B performance-based integrated marketing company. NetLine's RevResponse.com gives online publishers a new way to generate ad revenue while providing users with free high quality content. RevResponse.com delivers Web Publishers an easy to use interface to access contextual widgets, branded content catalogues, newsletter templates, and XML feed options, while enabling seamless integration to their sites. Partners include BizReport.com, LockerGnome.com, eFunda.com, among others. For more information, or if you're interested in joining, visit https://www.revresponse.com.

NetLine Corporation is a leading B2B performance-based integrated marketing company that provides online lead generation and marketing services for Advertisers, Marketers, and Publishers through NetLine's Innovative technology and expansive distribution platform. Advertisers and Marketers are enabled to deliver their content to targeted niche audiences via contextually relevant positioning and promotions. NetLine's many successful client and agency relationships include IBM, Juniper Networks, Microsoft Corporation, Neo@Ogilvy, SAP, and Universal McCann, among others. NetLine was founded in 1994 and is privately held and headquartered in Los Gatos, California. For information visit https://www.netline.com or call 888.515.3237.