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Stop Using Annoying Banner Ads! 5 Steps to Perfecting a Business Website

Industry Websites & Bloggers Making Money Offering Free Information

LOS GATOS, CA (February 27, 2009) – Industry-specific websites and blogs sharing news and information now have another source of valuable content to share with their audiences--and are making money doing it with a business ad network called RevResponse.com. Here's how it works: business-focused website owners and bloggers select free content offers that professionals in their industry want: business magazines, trade journals, whitepapers, podcasts, webinars, and other informative media. When qualified visitors sign up for the free offers, the site owner gets paid.

"RevResponse.com is turning websites into profit centers by paying their owners for leads generated from their readers," said Robert Alvin, CEO and Founder of NetLine Corporation, parent company of RevResponse.com. "Because these leads are highly qualified, we deliver significantly higher payouts than Google's AdSense."

Making money from an industry-specific website or blog is simple:

1. Go to www.RevResponse.com and enroll as a partner.

2. Select offers relevant to your industry and audience.

Choose from over 900 business magazines and trade journals from over 33 industries, plus the latest whitepapers, podcasts, webinars, research reports, and other rich media related to your audience.

3. Decide how you want your content offers to look.

Using RevResponse.com's various creative wizards, you can format your offers, deciding where they appear on your site, their dimensions, and more.

4. Offer up content to your site visitors. No more re-directs.

When visitors select an offer, they arrive at a co-branded landing page within your site to sign-up.

5. Site visitors sign up, you get paid.

With each qualified sign-up, you'll receive between $1.50 up to $20. Payments are sent via check or to your PayPal account for free.

Over 15,000 site owners and bloggers have joined RevResponse.com since it launched in October of 2008. "We've experienced healthy payouts for each successful sign-up," said J. Christian Hesketh of Ion Channel Media Group. "And our visitors appreciate receiving free, high-quality publications tailored to their interests."

Enrollment information is available at www.revresponse.com.
About RevResponse.com
RevResponse.com is owned and operated by NetLine Corporation, a leading B2B performance-based integrated marketing company that provides online lead generation and marketing services for Advertisers, Marketers, and Publishers. Clients include IBM, Juniper Networks, Microsoft Corporation, Neo@Ogilvy, SAP, and Universal McCann, among others. Founded in 1994 as the first online subscription services provider for magazine publishers, NetLine is privately held and headquartered in Los Gatos, California. For more information, or if you're interested in joining, visit www.revresponse.com, or www.netline.com.