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NetLine Corporation releases new portfolio of advanced demand generation solutions

Full Funnel Acceleration, Multi-Asset, and Programmatic Solutions help marketers discover and garner deeper insights from 1st party B2B buyer intent signals.

LOS GATOS, Calif., February 12, 2019 / -- NetLine Corporation is pleased to announce the release of three new products in its Advanced Solutions suite: Full Funnel Acceleration, Multi-Asset, and Programmatic. Each addition to the lineup provides unique, competitive advantages for B2B marketers leveraging content syndication for lead generation.

NetLine Corporation releases new portfolio of advanced demand generation solutions
Full Funnel Acceleration accelerates the buyer's journey with curated outreach and delivers in-market prospects as they are actively researching products or services.

Within the NetLine footprint, marketers can enhance lead quality with layered insights from a single touchpoint as they are consuming content. Full Funnel Acceleration provides additional layers of qualification from prospects as they are actively researching and consuming business or technical content. With a series of questions via curated outreach, marketers gain full funnel visibility into the in-market signals from prospects. Providing a single-source for deeper engagement insights, FFA is an evolution of content syndication lead generation that helps marketers build a more sales-qualified pipeline using a single point of engagement.

The Multi-Asset solution allows marketers the opportunity to discover more about buyer intent through additional, curated offers at the point of engagement. Offered in visual or text formats, the additional content enhances the user's experience with a brand, while simultaneously illustrating the prospect's areas of interests or position in the funnel. At peak engagement during a single request, the user gets more to consume with less effort, while marketers stand to learn more about the prospect.

Capitalizing on demand, and NetLine's own data, the Programmatic solution proffers marketers the power of NetLine's deterministic data-set. This data is the only source for actionable, first-party sourced insights into B2B gated content consumption patterns of professionals as they are researching various business-related challenges/needs.

With first-party data from professionals researching products or services, marketers can now go beyond the content syndication platform to create a more immersive and personalized experience for their target audience across the web. In partnership with LiveRamp, NetLine's Programmatic solution supplies marketers with NetLine's first party content consumption data for deployment across all digitally enabled channels. With the largest network of B2B content on the web, NetLine's repository of content behind their deterministic data provides marketers with rich insights into the research and consumption patterns of professionals on the NetLine network.

On the announcement of this new product release, SVP of Audience and Product David Fortino shares his vision for the product's impact on marketers,

"As a company that focuses on democratizing lead generation, these latest additions to the NetLine product lineup progresses the abilities of B2B marketers to drive their strategies intelligently and independently."

About NetLine Corporation:
NetLine Corporation empowers B2B Marketers with the reach, technology, and expertise required to drive scalable lead generation results and accelerate the sales funnel. Operating the #1 B2B buyer engagement platform, NetLine provides content-centric lead generation and buyer engagement insights through the largest B2B network on the web. Via its exclusive AudienceTarget™ content recommendation logic, NetLine amasses 1st party content consumption activities of 125 million professionals downloading more than 700 thousand buyer-specific pieces of content each month. Superior quality, on demand access, and interactive campaign reports deliver measurable ROI, enabling marketers to achieve lead generation success. Founded in 1994, NetLine is privately held and headquartered in Los Gatos, California. Successful B2B Marketers Start with NetLine, visit www.netline.com.