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Free Information on the Web Helps Professionals Get Ahead

LOS GATOS, CA (August 1, 2006) – In today's fast paced business market, you don't have to be a well established corporation with a six figure research budget to stay abreast of industry trends and technology. While the internet offers endless access to information, it can also be overwhelming. One-stop resource websites can make it easier for professionals, notes one leading retail expert.

"There's so much information out there, you just need to know where to look," said Love Goel, Chairman and CEO of Growth Ventures Group, a Minneapolis-based investment firm. "The internet has leveled the playing field by offering access to useful tools and information that business professionals need to stay informed, be effective and get ahead."

Goel, whose background includes serving as COO at Federated Department Stores (Bloomingdales ad Macy's) and Fingerhut, added, "Information is power in the new economy. The web is full of free sites that offer it to established professionals and budding entrepreneurs. The challenge is to efficiently sift the good information from the bad."

For small business owners, Goel points to the Small Business Administration website (www.sba.gov) and it's numerous partnerships to support growing businesses. "The Small Business Development Centers, Women's Business Centers, and the Veterans Business Outreach Program are great resources where you can easily find the information you need. Additionally, they offer free online business planning courses that help entrepreneurs prepare to start their own businesses," he added.

"Business professionals can benefit from the hundreds of free trade magazines available in their respective industries. In the past, finding and qualifying for magazine subscriptions was a long and tedious process, but today, there are several websites where it's easy to sign up for them."

According to Goel, three sites of note are TradePub.com, FreeBizMag.com and freetradepubs.com. "Tradepub.com was the first website of its kind in the space, founded in 1994," commented Goel. "It has probably the largest and widest selection of free trade publications, white papers, and other informational resources to choose from, making it a great resource site to find relevant content in over 33 key industries."

Other sites, like Freebizmag.com, offer a mix of business and consumer publications, while freetradepubs.com offers just business magazines. While Goel notes that all three sites are great resources to bookmark, "destination sites like tradepub.com with libraries of information tend to be a much more efficient and powerful way to access information."

Goel, who has several white papers available online concluded, that in the high tech, global world we live in, "it doesn't matter if you are a budding entrepreneur or a CEO of a large enterprise company, to get ahead and thrive in your profession, you must do the research and stay informed. Destination sites like sba.gov and tradepub.com help ensure that the most up to date information is only a mouse click away."

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