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NetLine Corporation Names New Director of Media Services Division

LOS GATOS, CA (August 22, 2006) – NetLine Corporation, a premier online lead generation and marketing services provider for B2B advertisers, marketers, and publishers, today announced it has named Craig Pitcher as its new Director of Media Services. The addition of Pitcher will prove instrumental to NetLine's growth and Media Services Team expansion, further enhancing its offers of integrated marketing services for publishers. As a former sales executive at Ad Sales Associates and Global Sources, Pitcher will be responsible for all relationships with B2B publishers and focusing on the opportunities and needs geared specifically to their business.

NetLine has enabled B2B publishers to offer free subscriptions to their publications on NetLine's TradePub.com site since 1994. Expansion of the division allows NetLine to further empower B2B publishers the ability to showcase their integrated marketing services beyond publications. For example, publishers can reach potential subscribers with relevant offers such as an event they are hosting or on behalf of their advertisers.

"NetLine is the innovator of the online subscription format and has been working with publishers since 1994. With publishers being a core element of our business for over twelve years, our goal is to provide them more resources to help them succeed," said Richard Schaefer, Executive Vice President of NetLine. "Adding Pitcher to the media services mix will undoubtedly assist our B2B publishers to better meet their goals by enabling them a wider audience reach and an array of integrated marketing tools to support them in all of their promotion and acquisition efforts, beyond acquiring subscribers for their publications."

Pitcher brings more than 35 years of sales and publishing experience from companies like Mobile Media Group, Reed Business Information, and Intertec Publishing Company. In his most recent position at Global Sources, Pitcher managed North America sales and operations for eMedia Asia. He represented EE Times Asia, EE Times Korea, EE Times Taiwan, EE Times China, ESM China, their eight websites, e-newsletters and three trade shows.

Pitcher added, "I am pleased to be joining an organization that has the knowledge, experience and services that publishers have praised for over a decade. NetLine delivers solutions for publishers to further market themselves and streamlines the process of syndicating valuable content, helping them extend their outreach and sales, and I am pleased to be a part of these efforts."
About NetLine
NetLine Corporation is a premier provider of online lead-generation and marketing services for B2B advertisers, marketers, and publishers, specializing in delivering high-quality leads and maximizing the results of customer interactions. NetLine goes beyond conventional online advertising and e-mail. Through NetLine's Lead Source, Sub Source, Email Marketing Services, and Enterprise Marketing Management Solutions, NetLine enables highly effective marketing programs throughout the customer acquisition and relationship lifecycle.

NetLine's many successful client and agency relationships include Juniper Networks, IBM, Sage Software, Microsoft, Discreet, Taunton Publishing, and CMP, among others. Founded in 1994, NetLine is privately held and is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. For more information, please visit www.netline.com or call 888.515.3237.