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NetLine Corporation Expands to New Corporate Headquarters

LOS GATOS, CA (October 9, 2006) – NetLine Corporation, a premier online lead generation and marketing services provider for B2B advertisers, marketers, and publishers, today announced the relocation of its corporate headquarters. The company now resides at 750 University Avenue, Suite 200 in Los Gatos, CA, further positioning the company for continued revenue growth.

"This move marks a significant stage for NetLine as part of our operations growth strategy," said Robert Alvin, CEO and Founder of NetLine Corporation. "Over the past couple of years we have advanced our business, accommodating the increased demand for effective marketing programs, and will continue to do so to meet the further needs in the marketplace."

NetLine Corporation was founded in 1994 as the first online lead generation and subscription service provider through its TradePub.com, paving the inroads for publishers to offer qualified professionals free subscriptions in an efficient and cost effective manner. The Company has continually developed and expanded marketing services to include online lead generation for B2B marketers and advertisers, and e-mail marketing and enterprise marketing management solutions.

"NetLine's expansion directly reflects continued success in serving our B2B marketer, advertiser and publisher clients with targeted online lead generation and marketing programs," Alvin stated. "NetLine has remained profitable year-over-year, and will continue to evolve our service offerings enabling businesses access to many more viable marketing services and solutions."

NetLine's new address is:

750 University Avenue, Suite 200
Los Gatos, CA 95032
Tel: 408-340-2200
Fax: 408-340-2250
About NetLine
NetLine Corporation is a premier provider of online lead-generation and marketing services for B2B advertisers, marketers, and publishers, specializing in delivering high-quality leads and maximizing the results of customer interactions. NetLine goes beyond conventional online advertising and e-mail. Through NetLine's Lead Source, Sub Source, Email Marketing Services, and Enterprise Marketing Management Solutions, NetLine enables highly effective marketing programs throughout the customer acquisition and relationship lifecycle.

NetLine's many successful client and agency relationships include Juniper Networks, IBM, Sage Software, Microsoft, Autodesk, Taunton Publishing, and CMP, among others. Founded in 1994, NetLine is privately held and is headquartered in Los Gatos, California. For more information, please visit www.netline.com or call 888.515.3237.