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"The data NetLine is sitting on top of allowed us to better target folks that are in-market for the solutions that we sell. They really lock into our net-new strategy because the hardest part is getting people to raise their hand and engage with our content in the first place."
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Meet Nick.


How SAP Locked into Net-New Accounts and Boosted Pipeline by Over 50%

SAP is the world's #1 cloud business software company. Learn how SAP North America boosted pipeline, revenue, and repeat success by leveraging the reliable content amplification platform they have relied on for years.


Boosting Pipeline, Revenue, & Repeat Success
Leveraging the #1 B2B Buyer Engagement Platform for lead generation success, 50% of SAP North America's attributable pipeline came from NetLine, with over 60% of engagement from dormant and net-new accounts. Given SAP's multi-channel approach, this standout pipeline provided the increase in quality and volume necessary to build relationships with in-market prospects.

"NetLine's database has a lot of different signals about these accounts to begin with and we rely on their data to find the right people doing the research across their network. We've done some experiments where we've tried to apply propensity modeling and our own scoring, and we found its counterproductive because NetLine has such a large network of websites within their consortium and they have a lot of data about the accounts already. Let's let them do what they do best."


A Content-Powered Lead Gen Strategy
SAP North America was faced with an inevitable truth: scalable, sustainable growth comes from net-new accounts. Already having enormous success in selling to current customers, they shifted gears to focus on how to strategically win net-new business.

SAP understood that change only happens when the entire organization is on board and alignment exists not just between Sales and Marketing but also between all department leaders. After brainstorming opportunities for growth, they had a roadmap in place: shorten their implementation period so buyers see more immediate ROI, target more industries who can benefit from their solution, switch from product-specific messaging to business and technical related messaging, and leverage reliable data to track the right metrics.

With growth as the catalyst for change, they pivoted their strategy around better data, better organization alignment, and better content. Turning from an outdated methodology to a new one centered around listening to what B2B buyers want, a precise, targeted approach was necessary to reach their goal.


SAP North America relied on their long-time history as a NetLine client hoping the pattern of repeat success would continue forward with their new and improved strategy. NetLine generated over 50% of SAP North America's attributable pipeline, with over 60% of engagement from dormant and net-new accounts.

This success largely represents SAP's trust in the NetLine database. Instead of fine-tuning their account list like they do with other marketing channels, SAP brought a broad list of 4,000 accounts to let NetLine's first-party buyer engagement insights guide their growth.

Tackling targeting and content strategy improvements, SAP's newfound buyer-oriented approach was met in equal strength with a content amplification platform they have relied on for years. As a credible brand in the B2B space, SAP North America needs a solution that delivers quality results at scale. Having a reliable partner with the largest intent-based professional network kept the momentum of their new organizational focus on net-new acquisitions.

NetLine's hyper-targeted abilities and performance-based nature provides the control and measurability marketers need to generate leads with confidence. With the foundation of running campaigns on the largest B2B network where prospective accounts are actively researching business and technical related topics, pipeline creation and revenue generation becomes less daunting.

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